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Stress affects the mind in much the same way that it affects a machine.  It can handle a certain load, but if the load is too great for any significant amount of time, the machine begins to break down and have unexpected behaviors.  Being able to properly manage stress is absolutely essential for living a healthy, comfortable life.

Hypnosis is the most direct and effective way of cycling stress out of your life.  Whether your source of stress is business or personal (or more often, both), hypnosis can help you minimize, manage, and move on.  You will never have a more relaxing, refreshing experience than a deep hypnosis session.



Dear Dr. Clayton:

I am writing you a letter of appreciation for the session you gave me for Stress Management. I feel so much better since that session. My neck and shoulders are no longer tense and I feel awake and more assertive. I feel that I am more alert and can accomplish my goals much easier.

I am appreciative of your services to me. Thank you for the time you took to help me in my time of need (and stress!). Thank you again.


Alicia Bishop