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Self-esteem is the fundamental trait that will determine your psychological well-being.  Self-esteem is the lens through which you interpret all information coming in from the environment.  Something bad happen?  Your self-esteem will determine whether you blame yourself and give up, or see the event as a challenge to overcome.  Something good happen?  Your self-esteem will determine if you dismiss the event as a fluke, or see it as a natural reward for your hard work that motivates you to succeed even more.

Self-esteem is deeply planted in the unconscious mind, and traditional psychology is ill-equipped to correct self-esteem problems.  Hypnosis can go into the unconscious mind and reprogram how you perceive yourself, so you value yourself and have confidence that you can meet your goals.  And just as low self-esteem creates a self-fulfilling prophecy for failure, so does high self-esteem create a self-fulfilling prophecy for your success.