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I’ll write this one later.

Just kidding!  If you perceive an event as tedious or unrewarding, your brain will come up with reasons not to do it; this is a basic and healthy function of the brain.  But if there are tasks that need to be done or for which you want the results, it is beneficial to be able to reprogram how you perceive those tasks.

Take brushing your teeth, for example.  If you were anything like me as a kid, you probably perceived brushing your teeth as a tedious chore.  But as your perception of brushing your teeth changed, so did your motivation.  Nowadays you probably brush your teeth without even thinking twice about it.  What changed?  Not the act of brushing your teeth; that stayed essentially the same.  Your perception changed, and perception change is the primary strength of hypnosis.

Whether you have a project you haven’t gotten around to yet, or a health-related goal you’ve been putting off, or even an education or career move you’ve got your eye on, hypnosis can give you the energy and desire to meet that goal head on and succeed.