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A difficulty focusing can present itself in one of two ways: through an inability to follow a task through to completion in one sitting, or through quitting long-term projects without ever finishing them.  Being able to stay on task from beginning to end without your mind or attention wandering is a key skill that is helpful in every area of life, but especially in school and work environments. 

If you find yourself having difficulty completing tasks efficiently (or at all), know that this is not because there is something wrong or inferior with your mind; it simply has not been programmed on the unconscious level to stay on one task for long.  Through hypnosis, you will acquire the skill of going into the zone for starting, working on, and completing tasks so that you can comfortably and effectively finish what you start, whether that’s an assignment from work or school or a personal project.  Hypnosis can help you start, stay on task, and finish successfully.